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Thanks for contacting us. If you against expectations have experienced a Tulip product not living up to your expectations, we appreciate you sharing that experience with us. We consider each comment or complaint as an opportunity to improve our products.

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The EAN-number is the 13 digits written on the packaging together with the barcode

What is wrong with the product?

It is important that you keep any foreign bodies until you hear from us, or until the case is closed. In case of a foreign body causing a dental injury, it must always be sent to Danish Crown A/S (otherwise, the claim will be rejected). We will return with information on how and where to send the foreign body.
Please store the remaining product in the fridge or freezer until you hear from us, or until the case is closed.

To complain about a product, we ask you to fill out the below form. We will follow-up with a thorough investigation of your claim. If you have found a foreign body, we would like to have the possibility of examining it. Please describe the foreign body in the text and store it until you hear from us.

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